College of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences!

This college is home to 27 undergraduate majors, two of which are interdisciplinary in their nature, and 21 minors.

In the College of Arts & Sciences students will find the myriad disciplines that undergird all of the majors and minors at Thomas More University.

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences receive broad exposure to diverse fields of study and explore more deeply the fundamental questions of truth, beauty, the complexity of the natural world, the social order, and spiritual dimensions of humankind. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences learn to think clearly, solve problems, work collaboratively, and serve their fellow citizens. Students engage in intellectual work that prepares them to succeed in any endeavor of their choosing, be it preparation for continued study in a graduate program or entry into the professions. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences graduate confident in their abilities.

The foundational ideas of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, ideas that have shaped civilizations and brought about high cultural achievement, equip the students in the College of Arts & Sciences to make sound moral decisions, appreciate the unity of all knowledge, and participate in the dialogue between faith and reason.