College of Business

The Thomas More University College of Business is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education that integrates values into everything the college does. Through a commitment to personalized attention, students are challenged to discover their purpose and use the knowledge they have learned to become leaders who make a difference in the world.

Graduates from the College of Business earn degrees in accounting, business administration, and information systems. Here is an overview of the degree options available within each of these departments:


Organizations must rely on employees who have the highest integrity in accounting principles. The accountancy curriculum within the College of Business uniquely blends a values-based education, with exceptional accountancy studies to support ethical standards. Accounting majors also benefit from experiential learning opportunities with firms that often lead to full-time positions following graduation. Through the comprehensive curriculum, students learn essential knowledge and skills that surpass the course requirements recommended by professional organizations and mandated by many State Boards of Accountancy. The accounting program is also separately accredited by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs), a mark of distinction reserved for only the highest quality accountancy programs in the nation. All undergraduate accounting students have the option to minor in business administration, making them even more marketable and prepared for the future.

Business Administration

For-profit and nonprofit organizations alike need leaders who understand how to run a successful business. The Department of Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Arts for traditional undergraduate students, and a flexible and accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration for busy working professionals. Through a broad-based curriculum, students learn theoretical and practical concepts they can apply immediately in their work roles, and following graduation. Management, marketing, sports, entertainment marketing, and finance, are specialty areas where students can focus, to leverage what they learn and be successful in a variety of high-demand fields. The business administration program is ACBSP accredited, to ensure the highest quality and most up to date educational standards are met. Bachelor of Arts majors may also minor in accounting or information systems, further enhancing their skills and knowledge, to prepare for the changing needs of a global workforce.

Information Systems

With the rapid advancements and changing nature of technology, organizations need employees who can leverage the power of information systems. To prepare students for the significant growth in this area, the College of Business offers four-degree options within the Information Systems department: A Bachelor of Arts in computer information systems and management information systems, and an Associate of Arts in computer information systems and web design. Through a hands-on curriculum, and experiential learning, students will learn the principles of understanding user interface development, programming, database design, database management and navigation, information generation, and ethical privacy protection. More importantly, information systems students will develop a passion for lifelong learning, to help them stay up to date and marketable for years to come. Information systems majors also have the option to minor in business administration or accounting.

The College of Business recognizes that the global world organizations operate within is dynamic and changing. Along with the degree they earn from the College of Business, students will develop themselves as responsible professionals who understand the value of culture and diversity in the workplace. All of the programs within the College of Business are also accredited by SACSCOC, to meet the highest quality and integrity standards.

Opportunities for College of Business students extend across for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Leaders value TMU College of Business graduates because of the focus on educating the entire person; teaching essential skills, such as professional communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, that go well beyond the classroom. Full-time undergraduates learn real-world skills by participating in experiential learning as a requirement for graduation. Study abroad opportunities are also for graduate and undergraduate students who seek to gain a better understanding in becoming a global business leader.