faculty development

Thomas More University provides ongoing professional development of faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners. There is a range of ways that the university provides such development: the distribution of faculty development grants, the support of sabbatical leave, the support of faculty who pursue externally funded grants, the coordination of faculty development day during general assembly, and the offering of several faculty workshops/book clubs.

Headshot of Jodie VaderFaculty development is housed in academic affairs in the office of the provost.  The faculty development director is Dr. Jodie N. Mader.  She can be reached at 859-344-3381, or by email.




Forms and documents related to faculty development can be found on MYTMU page under “Faculty/Staff”, “Forms/Documents”.

The mission of the faculty development program, which is directly linked to the Faculty Relations Committee (FRC), is to help maximize faculty potential in the areas of teaching, service, and scholarships in order to support the university’s mission to develop students through sustained areas of superior teaching and learning. This goal is accomplished through the sponsorship of workshops and other forums plus the finding of professional development opportunities such as presentations at regional and national meetings and the pursuit of additional degrees or certifications. This support is also intended to help with the overall improvement of faculty ultimately leading to tenure and promotion to the ranks of associate professor and ultimately full Professor.

The University supports faculty development through a competitive application process that occurs annually.  The process through which operational funds are used is governed by a committee of senior faculty called the Faculty Relations Committee, which is chaired by the provost.  The committee is comprised of one representative from each college and includes tenured faculty from all disciplines.

For 17/18 Year:  20 faculty received funding.

For 18/19 Year:  23 faculty received funding.


Faculty are informed of faculty development grants and sabbatical leave by emails from the faculty development director and the online forms located on MYTMU which includes forms and dates for submission.

The University, through the Faculty Relations Committee and the director of faculty development, supports sabbatical leave. Sabbatical leaves are granted through a competitive process.  Applications are reviewed and recommendations are made by the Faculty Relations Committee. Those recommendations are then sent to the provost and then the president for approval. Faculty are granted sabbatical leave either for one semester at full salary, or for one year at half salary.  Faculty members may apply for sabbatical leave after seven years of service.

For 17/18 Year:  Two faculty members took sabbaticals (one in fall and one in spring).

Faculty Members:  Dr. Wes Ryle, Dr. Joe Christensen

For 18/19 Year:  No faculty members took sabbaticals.


George Blair (Philosophy)Spring 1989 to Spring 1990
Darrell Brothers (Art)Spring semester, 1989
Bill Bryant (Biology)Fall semester, 1989
Bill Porter (Psychology)Spring semester, 1990
Sr. Philip Trauth (History)Fall 1990 to Fall 1991
Gerry Franzen (Chemistry)Spring semester, 1991
Sr. Colleen Dillon (English)Fall semester, 1991
John Ferner (Biology)Spring semester, 1992
Ron Mielech (Drama)Spring semester, 1993
Bryant Card (Humanities)Fall semester, 1993
Don Berberich (Accountancy)Spring 1994 to Spring 1995
Tom Vanden Eynden (Math)Spring semester, 1994
Bob Berger (Social Work)Fall semester, 1994
Maria McLean (Psychology)Spring semester, 1995
David Blythe (English)Fall 1995 to Fall 1996
Jane Stier (Theology)Spring semester, 1996
Paul Tenkotte (History)Fall semester, 1996
John Cimprich (History)Fall 1997 to Fall 1998
Debbie Krug (Mathematics)Fall 1997 to Fall 1998
Judy Harris (Education)Fall 1997 to Fall 1998
Ann Hicks (Chemistry)Spring semester, 1998
Terry Flesch (Physics)Fall semester, 1998
Mike Burch (Accountancy)Spring semester, 1999
Erwin Erhardt (History)Spring semester, 1999
John Ferner (Biology)Spring 1999 to Spring 2000
Jim Nelson (Drama)Fall 1999 to Fall 2000
Larry Boehm (Psychology)Fall semester, 1999
Pat Raverty (Drama/Speech)Spring semester, 2000
Sudhir Sen (Physics)Fall semester, 2000
Peg Owens (Nursing)Spring semester, 2001
Barb Rauf (Art)Fall semester, 2001
Bill Porter (Psychology)Spring semester, 2002
Tom Vanden Eynden (Mathematics)Fall 2001 to Fall
Ken Taylor (Computer Information Systems)Fall semester, 2002
Beth Penn (Education)Spring semester, 2003
George Euskirchen (Economics)Fall 2003 to Fall 2004
Paul Tenkotte (History)Fall 2003 to Fall 2004
Fred Chen (Business Administration)Fall semester, 2003
James Swartz (Computer Information Systems)Fall semester, 2003
Not Available (2 Fall 2003)Spring semester, 2004
Dorene Stall (Computer Information Systems)Fall semester, 2004
Steven Lameier (Mathematics)Fall semester, 2005
Patricia Lynch-Knoll (Communication)Fall 2005 to Fall 2006
Maria McLean (Psychology)Spring semester, 2006
Ann Hicks (Chemistry)Fall semester, 2006
James Schuttemeyer (English)Spring semester, 2007
John Ferner (Biology)Spring semester, 2007
Cari Garriga (Foreign Languages)Spring semester, 2007
James Camp (Sociology)Fall 2007 to Spring 2008
Tom Gilday (Accountancy)Spring semester, 2008
Barb Rauf (Art)Fall semester, 2008
Julie Daoud (English)Fall 2008 to Fall 2009
John Cimprich (History)Fall 2009 to Spring 2010
Bob Riehemann (Mathematics/Physics)Fall 2011 to Spring 2012
Chris Lorentz (Biology)Fall semester 2011
Pat Raverty (Communication)Fall semester 2011
Kathie Langen (Psychology)Spring semester 2012
Cari Garriga (Foreign Languages)Spring semester 2012
Jim McNutt (History)Spring semester 2013
Sherry Cook Stanforth (English)Fall semester 2013
Siobhan Barone (Biology)Fall semester 2014
Cari Garriga (Foreign Languages)Fall semester 2014
John Cimprich (History)Spring semester 2015
Cari Garriga (Foreign Languages)Spring semester 2015
Barbara Zahler (Education)Spring semester 2015
Mary Jo Nead (Communication)Fall semester 2015
Tyler Green (Chemistry)Fall semester 2016
Florence Dwyer (Foreign Languages)Fall semester 2016
Cate Sherron (Philosophy)Spring semester 2017
Joe Christensen (Math/Physics)Fall semester 2017
Wes Ryle (Math/Physics)Spring semester 2018
Chris Lorentz (Biology)Fall semester 2019

The university, through applications to FRC, support for faculty wishing to finish their terminal degree.  These are $1,000 per year.

For 17/18 Year: One faculty received funding for support of graduate degree.

For 18/19 Year: Two faculty received funding for support of graduate degree.  Of the two who received funding, one of those faculty finished their terminal degree.

FRC and faculty development director host book clubs for interested faculty. Some of the most recent books discussed are:  Small Teaching:  Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang and The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber.

The faculty development director and members of the Faculty Relations Committee meet with applicants in a fall workshop, usually in September, to provide information on the process and answer questions. An online promotion/tenure application is located on MYTMU. Applicants submit all materials digitally (unless situation permits otherwise) to provost’s office and on a Canvas created page. A course is created on Canvas to display promotion and/or tenure materials to members of FRC, provost, academic affairs of the Board of Trustees, and ultimately the president.

FRC creates and supports faculty development workshops throughout the academic year. Titles of previous faculty development workshops are listed below. Faculty attendance is encouraged but not required. Preference to presenters is given to faculty who received faculty development funding the previous year.

17/18 Workshops

8/18/17, “Health and Wellness Initiative Go365”

“How to Create Discussion Groups,” Christy Petroze

“Revising your Syllabus,” Kim Haverkos

“New Online Tools,” Sue Bartow

8/31/17, “Motivate, Engage, and Inspire:  Tips for Teaching Modern Learners,” Webinar

10/14/17, “A Day in the Life of a Canvas User,” Jodie Mader/Nathan Hartman

10/20/17, “Interacting with Historical Genealogy and Our Family Stories,” Maria Mitchell

10/20/17, “KIIS Opportunities,” Luis Sierra

1/19/18, “Scotland:  More Than Just Haggis and Castles,” Shannon Galbraith-Kent

3/28/18, “Wine and Canvas:  Using Canvas in Your Class,” Nathan Hartman

4/13/18, “My Sabbatical:  Using PreteXt to Produce a Better Online Text (or Lab Manual,” Joe Christensen

18/19 Workshops

9/7/18, “Concussions and Your Student,” Justin Farr, Faculty Member

9/14/18 “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” Karin Admiraal, Christian XXX, Outside Speaker

10/12/18, Slow Professor and Small Teaching, Faculty Book Club

11/16/18, “From the River to the Stars:  How I Spent My Sabbatical,” Wes Ryle, Sabbatical

1/25/19 “Becoming Bridges because Walls are Unbecoming:  Reflections on a Journey of Service to and learning from the Migrant,” James Camp, Faculty Member

1/11/19, “Navigating a Book Contract,” Luis Sierra and Dr. Bonnie Erwin (Wilmington College)

1/11/19, “Faculty/Staff Open Forum,” with Cabinet and President

3/7/19 “The Influences of Social Media,” Katy McCray, Faculty Member.