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Each year, Thomas More University gives an award for outstanding service by a full-time or part-time staff member. Any non-faculty employee of TMU is eligible, including directors.

To win, the employee must be nominated by a student, faculty member, or staff member of TMU. A selection committee will select the recipient from among those nominated. No one may win two years in a row.

The criteria evaluated by the Committee include:

  • Overall service to the Thomas More Community

    It is not necessary that the nominee serves all components of the community (students, faculty, and staff) but should have established a record of service to at least one component.

  • Personal characteristics

    The nominee who exemplifies the characteristics of Mary Schwab, in whose honor the award is named, is given precedence over other nominees. Mary Schwab was noted for being cheerful, helpful, patient, and kind.

  • Length of employment

    The individual who has been serving the community for a longer period of time takes precedence over the more recent employee.

  • Number of nominations

    The number of nominations received by an employee is not a major factor in determining the recipient of the award. The strength of the nomination is a major factor.

Nominations must include your reasons for nominating the employee. We will not consider nominations without this section completed. The recipient of the award will receive a gift, an office plaque, and his/her name inscribed on the Mary Schwab Employee Service Award plaque at the top of the main staircase.

Previous Winners

16/17 Nathan Hartman
15/16 Charlene Barlow
13/14 Mary Givhan
12/13 Jim Gibson
11/12 Joyce McKinley
10/11 Jim McKellogg
09/10 Kelly Goyette
08/09 Genie Wambaugh
07/08 Beth Maley
06/07 Beth Koester
05/06 Jeff Kordenbrock
04/05 Amy Flaugher & Lisa Scheper
03/04 Jewell Ard
02/03 Pat Gieske
01/02 Robin Collins
00/01 Jan Qualls
99/00 Dolores Fink
98/99 Maureen Bensman
97/98 Dave Neyer
96/97 Mary Webster
95/96 Joy Nolan
94/95 Cindy Koenig
93/94 Eddie Williams
92/93 Mary Ann Baker
91/92 Ruth Middleton
90/91 Sr. Berenice Byron
89/90 Jeanne Pike
88/89 Paul Calme
87/88 Mary Dahlhoff
86/87 Mary Endres
85/86 Marlene Humphrey
84/85 Jim Mann
83/84 Nancy Bruns
82/83 William Carroll & Mary Dorough